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Corporate Teambuilding workshops


Natalie and her team have 18 years of experience in corporate training. Delegates learn the basics of balloon modelling in a session that's interesting and fun, followed by a competition as to which team can organise themselves to create the most balloon flowers in a timed session. Participants learn a new skill that will make them the life and soul of every family party, while exercising their communication and co-operative abilities The result is a training room awash with colourful balloon flowers to take home - with plenty left over to donate to local hospitals, schools or charity shops


Fast and Fun Energiser Workshop

A 30 - 40 minute workshop. When time is limited and a quick burst of colour and fun is needed. Using pre-inflated balloons, the delegates learn the foolproof way to make their own 6 petal flower to take away with them.


Balloon Hat Experience

A 1 - 1.5 hour workshop. The delegates learn the basics of balloon modelling and create their own wild and wacky balloon hats. Hats can be based on a theme or company colours, culminating in a balloon hat parade and a balloon trophy for the most outrageous creation.


Corporate Teambuilding workshop 

A 2 hour workshop. The first 50 minutes is spent teaching the delegates the basics of balloon modelling, learning to make a balloon dog and flower. The team building exercise is a timed 20 minute competition. The delegates are divided into teams by pulling a coloured balloon out of a hat. During the allotted time they have to organise themselves as a unit, in order to create as many balloon flowers as possible. 

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