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Events: The Versatility Of

Miss Ballooniverse’s Art


Whether you are organising a black tie event for a thousand guests, or a small gathering for a handful of people; a family celebration at home, or a reception for VIP guests who have never met before, the versatility of Miss Ballooniverse’s creations will enchant and entertain. From discreet and elegant balloon jewellery, to outrageous costumes and every creature and character in between, her balloon art fits into any occasion.


Miss Ballooniverse caters to every style and size of event or gathering imaginable, and also visits offices and hospitals, making memorable moments that make every day like fun. Hospital visits to children in isolation on their birthday are a speciality.


Click on the links below for more information on some of the different sorts of events Miss Ballooniverse can add magic to:


Children's Parties

Corporate Events & Parties

Family Fun Days

Corporate Team Building


Bar & Bat Mitzvahs



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